Associated Projects

Dig Where You Stand

Commissioned and funded by
South Tipperary Arts Office
Susan Hiller, Bridget O’Gorman, Uriel Orlow, Philippa Sutherland
Curatorial Team
Eilís Lavelle and Rosie Lynch
Writing and Editors
Sarah Lincoln, Sean O'Sullivan
South Tipperary Museum; The Workmen’s Boat, Club Clonmel; Bolton Library, Cashel; Bay Lough, The Vee

Dig where you stand proposed that unique viewpoints can emerge with the convergence of a locale, its historical remnants and the visual arts. The project developed through a curatorial residency, initiated by South Tipperary Arts Office, and based in South Tipperary throughout 2012 and included a series of reading events, an exhibition and publication.

The exhibition, which took place in the Tipperary County Museum, Clonmel explored language and text in relation to the telling of the past and geographical location. Offering diverse perspectives the works by the four exhibiting artists – Susan Hiller, Bridget O’Gorman, Uriel Orlow and Philippa Sutherland considered the slippages and ellipses which arise around the mapping of the past onto the present.

A publication edited and coordinated by Sarah Lincoln and designed by Sean O’ Sullivan coincided with the exhibition and includes texts by Sarah Lincoln, Eilis Lavelle, Rosie Lynch, Sean O’Sullivan and contributions by Philippa Sutherland and Bridget O’Gorman.

Reading events took place in The Workmen’s Boat, Club Clonmel; Bolton Library, Cashel and Bay Lough, The Vee.


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