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Playing Our Part

Kilkenny City and County
Kilkenny Children and Young People's Services Committee and Kilkenny County Council

Kilkenny’s Children and Young People’s Service Committee (CYSPC) commissioned Workhouse Union by to develop an active engagement consultation process that would be relevant and to engaging to children and young people living in Kilkenny today. The planning, delivery and facilitation of the workshops focused on creating and an enabling environment to ensure that the children and young people could be actively engaged, involved and shape the discussions themselves. The findings from Playing Our Part: Our Life will inform County Kilkenny’s Children and Young People’s Service Committee’s Plan for 2018-2020. The plan will set out actions to ensure that the key needs of children, young people and their families are addressed through effective interagency work.

Workhouse Union also facilitated workshops and discussion with children and young people’s families, service providers, teachers, youth leaders and others ensuring that we are got a wide picture of the issues affecting children and young people, their needs in relation to services and a sense of inclusion in their communities.

The engagement process developed through a series of consultation tools including a bespoke ‘Fortune Teller’ game, spatial games and ‘A Day in the Life’ questionnaire.

The creative consultation process engaged with over 300 children and young people between the ages of 0 – 24 years, delivering insights into their attitudes and needs. Children and young people’s voices were central to the final report.

Playing Our Part: Our Life Kilkenny CYPSC Consultation Report
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