Dublin City Heritage Plan Public Engagement Workshops

Join Dublin City Heritage Office and us next week for a series of creative workshops exploring heritage in local neighbourhoods as part of the wider Dublin City Strategic Heritage Plan process. 

We spent a few discussion-filled weeks in April and May on Zoom, meeting many of the fantastic movers and shakers of everything heritage-related in the city. It was fascinating and eye-opening to hear about the work and love of those who think deeply about what’s under our feet and the heritage of now and tomorrow. Viking city, medieval city, concrete city, surveillance city, Georgian city, city of villages, city of museums, city of water, city of stories.

We’re excited to head out into the city next week and hear about people’s sense of place. What places and spaces do you cherish? How do you celebrate your cultural heritage? What are the overlooked stories and histories of your locality?

RHK/IMMA | Sunday 15th August | Book here

Ballyfermot Library | Monday 16th August | Book here

Stardust Memorial Park, Coolock | Tuesday 17th August | Book here

Near Red Stables, St. Anne’s Park | Wednesday 18th August | Book here

St. Luke’s, The Coombe | Thursday 19th August | Book here